Stepping Out

Helen Nicolas Accounting Solutions, a firm established 25 YEARS AGO is here to support and nurture the growth of small to medium businesses.

To celebrate 25 years I thought it would be good to look back and remember how it all began.

There I was a wife, a mum of three children and a housewife. My husband was a sole trader and ran his own small courier company. My husband’s accountant showed me how to record all the income and expenses. Once a year we would send the information to the accountant and once the accounts were completed we went to see him to sign off the accounts.

Due to personal circumstances I needed to get some financial independence. It was a choice between staying where I was or, stepping out.

SO I stepped out.

After being a stay at home mum, for 14 years I had no idea what I could do or what I was good at. I then thought if I can write up my husband’s books why can’t, I do the same for other sole traders.

I really started to get excited. I called a recruitment agency and asked what qualification I would need to be able to get a job as a book keeper. They informed me and I then called up the local college enquired if they ran the course and hay presto they did so I registered.

Very quickly word got out that I was doing book keeping and within a few weeks I had two clients. PANIC! I needed a laptop and I needed software. So off to the bank I went. I asked for a business loan to by the tools of the trade and the bank obliged. There began my journey.